Welcome to 1st Catisfield Scout Group

Thursday 14th December

This site aims to give the boys and girls as well as the leaders and parents of 1st Catisfield Scout Group access to information about the group via the web.

It also aims to provide an opportunity for boys and girls to make their own contributions to the site and to see their efforts published on the internet.

Tell us what you think!
We'd love to hear what you think about this site or what you think of 1st Catisfield Scout Group. Please take a few moments to contact the Webmaster or Group Scout Leader.

New! Google Calendar
Check out our new Google Calendar: http://www.1stcatisfieldscoutgroup.org.uk/calendar/

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Did you know about . . . Ink Cartridges
These unwanted ink cartridges can be recycled rather than being buried in landfill sites which may allow toxic chemicals to leach into the soil. If you have any old printer ink or toner cartridges please bring them along on any section night.
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